Hello! Thanks for checking out Artwork Wednesdays. And don't worry, it's only two days until the weekend :)

You can pretty much figure out what this blog intends to do from the little 'About Me' section over there <--. To expand, I bloody love all things art - but I think there's something missing. It's not as if the established art institutions are doing it wrong per se; they're just only doing it right for a certain type of person.

Some of my friends told me they thought they'd find going to a gallery boring, alienating or intimidating. Then, when I went along with them and we chatted about it, they realise that yeah, there's a stereotype that you have to 'understand' an artwork on another level to fully appreciate it. And yeah, that stereotype (like most) is a load of crap.

It's fine to see an artwork and just like how it looks. And if you want to look into it any further, or from a different angle, that's fine too.

So every week, I'm going to look at an artist, artwork, exhibition, gallery, issue, technique, medium... or whatever. Sometimes it'll be widely known, other times it'll be a little more niche.

First up: Monet's Haystacks...

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