Continent: Asian art

Kicking back with the South China Morning Post on Sunday morning, as one in London with no connections whatsoever to China does, I read a very interesting article on Asian artists to watch in 2013.

In my three years studying the history of art, I think I had a grand total of one two-hour seminar on art from the Orient. Until recent years, Asian artists were largely ignored by us in favour of the more relatable artists in the Western world.

There have been a couple of exhibitions of Asian artists lately. Yayoi Kusama at Tate Modern springs to mind, as does my favourite photographer ever, Daido Moriyama (juxtaposed with William Klein). Mariko Mori at the RA was happily received as well. I sought out Daido again at the Michael Hoppen Gallery too.

We're finally waking up to Asian art - perhaps realising it isn't all Confucian poetry and minimalist gardens - and Anh Jun is the artist I'll be watching (biting my nails, with just a hint of vertigo). Take a look at some of her images below...


Having heard German artist Georg Baselitz say that female artists "simply don't pass the market test, the value test," I'm looking forward to seeing Anh and her endless list of female artist peers shout 'BULLSHIT' in unison with more pieces like the above.


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