Artist: George W. Bush (honestly)

Deary, deary me. I’m usually an advocate for all things arty, but this week I discovered that George W Bush wishes to offend the world one more time. He’s considering exhibiting nude self portraits.

...I’ve sat staring at my computer screen for about five minutes because really, how do you follow up a sentence like that?

This article says his pieces are reminiscent of A Level student work (as an alumni of A Level Fine Art, I’d be inclined to disagree, but each to their own). In my opinion, they seem to have been inspired by the wall doodles in Cafe Rouge. You know the ones I mean. Not exactly ground-breaking stuff.

Along with his politics and grasp of the English language, I think Dubya would be better off admitting defeat with his paintbrush - and let the world’s opinion of contemporary American art be influenced by William Klein or Jasper Johns (see below).

Of course, I could be misunderestimating his talent.

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