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I saw the coolest thing last week. Pastry chef Caitlin Freeman has been baking some actual works of art:

Look familiar? It's a Mondrian cake! Absolutely amazing.

Piet Mondrian pioneered the Neo-Plasticism style, dividing up white space with black vertical and horizontal lines, and filling some parts with three primary colours. I have a tendency to look for the deeper meaning in everything arty, but I'm happy to take this at face value. To me, this style represents the decisive aesthetic of the epoch.

Composition Two in Red, Blue and Yellow, Piet Mondrian

Decisive, and easily-bake-able. But they're all the way in the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art cafe. Damn.

For edible art a little closer to home (for UK readers at least), there's been a lot going on in Blighty lately. One pretty extravagant edible art venture came from Tate and Lyle last month, when they were launching their Taste Experience range of cane sugars.  Fourteen cake artists, including the rather incredible Sarah Hardy Cakes (check this out, she makes photorealism for the kitchen), spent almost 3,000 hours creating a hotel made entirely from cake.

All of the eight rooms were inspired by a different type of sugar in the new range. So in the dark muscovado sugar room, there was a Caribbean theme with cakey treasure chests. You get the idea - you can read a bit more here.

Over in Birmingham, Annabel De Vetten-Petersen of Conjurer's Kitchen has created this:

Impressive stuff - look at the little marzipan frames!

This all looks a lot more inviting than my first experiences of edible art. I could never quite master sucking the paint half way up the straw before blowing it on the page, so always ended up with a mouth full of paint, too embarrassed to admit I couldn't do it, and swallowing it. Play group 'MARE.

Anywho, it's kinda nice not to look for the deeper meaning once in a while.

I'm hungry.


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