Sitter: Margaret Thatcher

Are your social media feeds still buzzing with (often pseudo-)political opinion in the aftermath of Margaret Thatcher's death? Mine are, and there only seem to be two opinions out there.

Not exactly being a political buff myself, I initially thought this polarisation meant the debaters were, well, chatting shit (not to mention the fact that the oldest of my close friends wouldn't have reached primary school by the end of her time in 10 Downing Street).

But considering her portrayal in art, it seems she really did - and still does - divide opinion, forcing everyone into opposing camps. This includes artists - take a look at the range of interpretations below.

As an interested member of the next generation, I'm genuinely intrigued: which is the most iconic image of Thatcher? And which of these images resonates with you the most?


  1. Update: The National Portrait Gallery has over thirty pieces depicting Margaret Thatcher, and you can see them with a National Art Pass, which is free for the next three months:


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