Painting in the Street: Bowie returns to Brixton (via Opera Gallery)

If you scrub the paint off the white walls in my childhood bedroom, you'll find the lyrics to Bowie's Moonage Daydream next to where my bed used to be. I've always been a Bowie fan, so 2013 has been a dream year for me.

Of course, the V&A exhibition has eclipsed the art world's year of homage to him, especially with this week's announcement that over 200 cinemas will broadcast the exhibition with curators and other special guests introducing exhibits.

Bowie Tryptich, Mr Brainwash

If you poke around, though, there are little Bowie treasures everywhere. Bowie Fest, brought to you by Weirdos Comedy, takes the piss out the V&A exhibit. And just last week, I went to the opening of the Opera Gallery's summer collection of Bowie-inspired artworks. It was rammed, but I managed to peer over some (very) well-dressed shoulders to see some great pieces from contemporary and street artist such as JimmyC, Mr Brainwash, Joe Black, Eduardo Guelfenbein, Nick Gentry, Marco Lodola and The London Police.

Brixton mural, JimmyC

Let's look at JimmyC for a sec. He's an awesome London street artist - check out some more of his stuff here. He's done a Bowie piece on the exterior wall of Morley's on Brixton High Street (see above), and a sister canvas is on show at Opera Gallery. Says the artist: "I have much respect for David Bowie. Not only does he write great music, but there has always been such a strong visual and aesthetic element to his image and performances. To create a canvas and a sister piece for the streets of Brixton feels like a fitting tribute. I hope Brixton's residents enjoy it."

I won't deny I'm bloody excited to haul ass to the V&A for their polished retrospective of DB (yeah, I know, I've still not made it over there. Come on, it's West London), but I wonder which exhibition Bowie himself would prefer? I'm inclined to say Opera Gallery and its gaggle of contemporary artists have smashed it. But don't take my word for it; head on down and take a look for yourself.


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