Sex sells, but so does the sea

For the past week, I've been chillaxxing in sunny, WiFi-less Rhodes (and by 'chillaxxing', I mean being absolutely destroyed by mosquitoes). Hence why this post is a) late and b) a tiny liddle weeny baby bit short. But hey, adjectives are my friend and I can stretch a word count.

Enough jet-lagged babble; let's get down to business, art fans.

So, word on the street is that red is the best colour if you're a struggling artist. Why? Because people are more drawn to it, and thus more likely to buy it, according to Jonathan Jones. Personally, I think these are two separate things: the art I go and stare at in galleries is not the art I would choose to hang in my home. Ok, JJ may not have meant 'buy' in the Andy-Warhol-consumer-goods sense of the word, but if this is the case, it still isn't people who are buying the art, but large companies, galleries, and other arty institutions.

When we're considering people buying art, I wouldn't have thought red is the colour that attracts the cash. An obtainable (read: priced, not priceless) artwork is as much a homely ornament as anything, and red is difficult, stubborn, and of course, sexy. Wonderful, but not wall-friendly. Call it my Cornish upbringing, but give me a nice, blue, seascape any day.

Kurt Jackson, Cape pm, off shore breeze

I've got my buyer's head on... I'm going art shopping at the Affordable Art Fair this weekend and I cannot wait!


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