Sounding out the meaning behind installation art

So I've just spent the day moving into my new digs in Camberwell. I don't really know the area, so I've been poking around to find out a little more about the area that bore the Young British Artist movement in the nineties. This took me to Camberwell's crown jewel, South London Gallery.

Its current exhibition, At the Moment of Being Heard, brings together a bunch of installation pieces that explore all things aural. A bunch of international artists, musicians and composers display pieces that place an emphasis on the intimacy of listening. Conversely, Reiner Ruthenbeck presents a series of photographs that capture the moment noise arises in daily life, without actually making a sound. There's something unsettling about that. Putting life on mute makes the familiar unfamiliar, in a way.

I'll admit I used to have no time for installation-based exhibitions like this. But I've recently realised that, as art has moved away from the easel and canvas, traditional aesthetics now take a backseat to philosophical substance. Galleries like South London Gallery are a great example of this, and I'm looking forward to seeing what other ideas lie on my new doorstep.

Do you have any arty institutions that are close to your heart and home?


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