Pioneers of fine art: Jay Z, Bob Dylan and Ronnie Wood

Jay Z is awesome, isn't he? In what was admittedly an obvious PR stunt for both his album and the Jay Z brand, he has released a ten minute mini-documentary exploring the relationship between music and art, in which he performs his new single, Picasso Baby, for six hours straight in a New York gallery space. It would appear he wants a Picasso in his casa. Don't we all, Shawn; don't we all.

Take a look:

You'll see that performance artist Marina Abramovic was among a select few present (she's the one in the big black dress). Jay Z's arty efforts come as a bitesize echo of Abramovic's piece of three years ago, where she sat still in a gallery for seven hundred and fifty hours. She's clearly keen on her prodigy's performance; you can hear her saying it's "wonderful for visual artists to cross the borders into a different medium, and music has always been the most immaterial form of art."

She's right. The relationship between art and pop is long-standing. On the eve of a Bob Dylan exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery, in which Bob is the artist, not muse (see above), we are reminded of the plethora of artist-musicians. Or musician-artists.

Take Ronnie Wood of the Rolling Stones, for instance (see above). I've been to a few of his exhibitions and I actually really like most of what he does. Rachel Campbell-Johnson, Times art critic, isn't quite so sure. She recently said 'his paintings are the visual equivalent of the boy in his bedroom strutting his stuff on the air guitar'. She thinks he almost has potential... but it probably won't be realised.

Funny that musicians and artists are pretty much one and the same, but we insist on using one type of creativity as a yard stick from which to measure other types of creativity.


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