Zealous X: So apparently I love film

If you're in London, you NEED to go to Zealous X. It's ace.

Starting, well, now, and carrying on through the weekend, the show features live music, performance, stand up comedy, poetry and dance... And of course the more traditional-ish artforms: painting, sculpture, film and installation. All of this comes from 100 artists handpicked by Guy Armitage and his team at Zealous.

Little reminder, for those who haven’t read my interview with Guy: Zealous is an online social platform for people to find new artists of all disciplines, and for those artists to collaborate with people both in and out of the arty sphere. Have a gander. I’ll give you a tenner if you spend 15 minutes browsing and don’t come across something inspiring*.

Anywho, Zealous online decided to celebrate its success so far with this Zealous X show. I minced on down to the opening night last night (because it’s not worth going anywhere unless you mince), expecting a pretty decent display of arty talent.

But it’s so much better than that. Set across four floors and ten rooms in the charmingly derelict Barge House behind the Oxo Tower, I minced (ok, I don’t mince as much as I pretend I do) through rooms as performance artists in stunning costumes wandered past. Each room represented a different discipline, but I spent most of my time in the film room.

Film is a new genre for me, so I can only pass judgement from a novice’s point of view, but the last film of the evening stuck in my brain (though perhaps I had been taking advantage of the booze on tap a little too much).

Richard Mansfield’s WOLFSKIN took three years to make, and a little birdy tells me it’s the first full silhouette feature film in over 80 years. This city has been swallowed up by thorns, leaving few survivors. Wolves are on the search for their lost sister, who has been kept prisoner by her evil step-siblings and some pretty creepy clockwork mannequins. The video is hosted on the Zealous site (click this link), but seeing it in a crumbly old room just made it even creepier (at one point a bit of ceiling fell into my drink. I jumped. I looked a fool).

Anyway, this is just one of many astounding pieces I saw on the evening. And the big shocker? I thought I wasn’t that into film. That’s the awesome thing about mish-mashing disciplines – it lets you discover inspiration where you previously had none.

So haul ass to Zealous X – just a couple of minutes from Blackfriars or Waterloo. Let me know what you find out.

*I so don’t have a tenner to give you, soz

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