Daniele Davitti at Sake No Hana - bloody delectable

I've just got back from Sake No Hana, restaurant group Hakkasan's modern Japanese branch in Mayfair. Incidentally, the food was absolutely stellar. Miso soup, a round of sushi (which was out-STANDing), and Japanese-style salmon and chicken dishes to follow. It's enough to turn me into a foodie.

Daniele Davitti

It's a beautiful restaurant. Clearly aesthetic is important to them, which is obvious as soon as you step into the bar, with its terribly cool exhibit of ex-style buff Daniele Davitti.

An alum' of the fashion industry, he studied at the reputable and oh-so-sophisticated Bunka Fashion College in Osaka, where he received his Masters in Fashion Design and Illustration. I've done a little bit of digging, and it looks like Davitti began to turn his attention towards the fine arts and painting while living in Japan. Despite leaving the fashion industry in favour of fine art, this influence really shines through in his current work. His work shows gorgeous depictions of Japanese culture, with the kimono making an appearance in most pieces. Hardly the most festive of feels, but he certainly creates an intriguing world not too dissimilar to the film work of Richard Mansfield.

Daniele Davitti

Davitti's pieces are being exhibited at Sake No Hana until the 27th January. Pop in for a cocktail and a marvel; make it your Christmas gift to yourself :)

Daniele Davitti

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