Four arty ladybros who rocked 2013

Happy new year!

2013 managed to be a heck of a year for both feminism and misogyny in the art world. In the same year that saw the first lady artist exhibited on Trafalgar Square's fourth plinth, we also the Gagosian gallery in London put on an exhibition about the end of painting, with only one female artist out of 35. I love looking at the end of painting, but come on guys, that’s a total sausage fest.

Just to hold on to this point for a sec, the show was seriously diverse. They sat de Kooning alongside Andy Warhol, and they couldn’t think of a way to get some lady painters in there? Do they really think female artists don’t know about nihilism? Pah, what a load of tripe.

Although we have come a LONG way since Johann Zoffany’s group portrait of the first Royal Academicians (that’s ‘artists of the Royal Academy’ for arty newbies), which showed all male members fully present and the two female members represented by portraits on the wall, the girls are still vastly underrepresented in art. In my swansong to 2013, I’m going to give you the creds on four arty ladybros who rocked 2013.

Wreath painting, Northampton, by Kim Gordon

Who? Kim Gordon
What? Kim makes painfully cool contemporary art, keeping one foot in the traditional. And by that I mean she's not a film maker or installation artist. She does things like paints her famous friends' tweets.
Why? Partially she held her own in the aforementioned Gagosian sausage fest, partially because she's just plain awesome every year.
Where? She is constantly buzzing around the arty scene (as musician, actor, artist and all round creative force), but I'm having trouble finding out if she's in any pulbic permanent collections. 

Edge of Day, Bridget Riley

Who? Bridget Riley
What? Bridget's paintings have been turned into prints and replicated the world over. You might even have a cushion of hers. Take a look at this slideshow of her pieces.
Why? Ok, so she's had a pretty quiet year; but he contributions to interiors, at least, need to be applauded. On a serious note, I love how her paintings are far simpler than their titles. Edge of Day just makes me think she's looked at a dawn scene and picked out a few of her favourite colours and arranged them in a modern-art-friendly composition. 
Where? Head on over to Tate Britain. She's in the 1960s room in the BP Walk Through British Art.

Cock, Katharina Fritsch

Who? Katharina Fritsch
Why? Just click on the link above... She's freaking great.
Where? Trafalgar Square!

Picasso Baby, Jay Z ft. Marina Abramović

Who? Marina Abramović
What? Marina is one of the biggest performance artists in the world right now. Her 2010 piece, The Artist is Present (below), got tears flowing all over the place as her ex boyfriend (whom she hadn't seen in decades) paid her a surprise visit. 
Why? This year, Marina got infinite cool points by playing a part in Jay Z's performance piece, Picasso Baby. He rapped for six hours in a New York gallery space, she danced around. Read more here.
Where? Marina's art is wherever she is. Holla if you know where that is, cause I'm not stalky enough to know.

The Artist is Present excerpt, Marina Abramović

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