The arty interview: Snow artist, Simon Beck

I'm feeling a bit cheated. Where is my snow, goddamnit? I spent part of December in Cornwall. Nothing. I spent Christmas in Northern Ireland. Not a drop. And of course, the streets of London are grey and wet, but certainly not snowy.

There's one artist who doesn't wait for snow to come to him. In fact, for Simon Beck, snow is his medium. Check these out:

You can see these images, and a whole lot more, on his Facebook page. I managed to track him down to answer a quick couple of questions about them.

Your snow art is beautiful. Tell me a little more about it, and what it means to you.

I just try to get it right. I wanted to build up a collection of photos and create an outstanding contribution to the internet. Every so often, one finds something outstanding on the web and I wanted to make something really good.

Where did you get the idea? 

Making the drawings seemed like a natural thing for me to do. There is a small lake where I stay in winter, and it was just too tempting to draw something on it!

How long does it take to create a typical piece?

It takes three hours for an area the size of a soccer field. The Lac Marlou, which is my favourite site, is three soccer fields in area.

Which examples are you particularly proud of?

The Qubert snowflake and the really complicated one on the reservoir, reservoir05 I think it's called, based on the Mandelbrot set.

What artists inspire you?

Van Gogh, for his sheer raw talent and originality. So ahead of his time. Such a pity it all ended in tragedy.

Make sure you check out the rest of Simon Beck's work!

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  1. I am impressed by your creativity and loving your designs.


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