Dear birthday Santa. Please can you swing by Scream Editions? Kthxbai

So a few months ago, I blew my whole things-to-put-on-the-wall budget on two rather lovely artworks by Jonathon Speed and Rob Braybrooks:

Je ne regrete rien.

Anywho, as lovely as they are, my walls are bare and my wallet is (nearly) empty. Luckily for me, Scream Editions has opened its virtual gallery doors to give people like me the chance to get our paws on limited edition prints. Yay, cheaper art, kinda.

The big dogs are there - Tracey Emin, Charming Baker, etc - but I love the fact that it gives art babies the chance to start their own collection on a bit of a budget.

Jamie Wood, confirmed crazyman if my one meeting with him is anything to go by, is behind it all. He, too, has a pash for making quality, contemporary art accessible and available to everyone. I'm just jumping up and down in anticipation of their collab with the Chapman Brothers later this year!

It's my birthday on Monday. First person to buy me this gets a prize (hug).

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