The Chapman Brothers: Come and See

If you have ever been to a Chapman Brothers show, you'll know what I'm talking about: 'creepy' doesn't even begin to describe it.

I used to lump Jake and Dinos Chapman in the same puffed-up, attention-seeking category as Tracey Emin, but not anymore (I've changed my mind on her, too). I've grown more interested in what they have to say over recent years. The If Hitler Was A Hippy, How Happy Would We Be? series, in which they paint over the top of the fruits of Adolf Hitler's early artistry, was the first series that made me come around.

The Chapman Brothers, If Hitler Was A Hippy, How Happy Would We Be

The theme of Nazism continues in this new show at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, which has a really interesting layout. Glass boxes house tiny little worlds torn apart by war and consumerism. Not so subtly, this is represented by Ronald McDonald, soldiers and civilians tearing each other to shreds (look closely at the picture below). As you're peering into the first glass box, you look through to the other side. Two Klu Klax Klan-sters are mimicing you, peering interestedly peeking into this weird little world.

The Chapman Brothers, Come and See

The most unsettling part for me was not the fact that the artists are parodying the viewers as KKK members, but the eyes. My God, the eyes.

The Chapman Brothers, Come and See

Moving on through the exhibition, mock-primitive sculpture with Ronald McDonald's head suggests that our consumerist icons have penetrated us so deeply, no cultural corner can escape.

The Chapman Brothers, Come and See

The overall theme of this exhibition, like many of The Chapman Brothers' shows, is complete and utter chaos. The subtheme is worldwide organisations. Characteristically for The Chapman Brothers, I understood a large comment on humanity with the hints of primitive culture: we grew out of non-civilisation and organised ourselves into societies. But this has evolved to the point where we're in a much more chaotic situation - represented by the glass boxes - than if we had never sought organisation at all. But there's no going back now. Evil is everywhere you turn in this exhibition, and the pile-up of hell is inescapable.

The Chapman Brothers, Come and See

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