Pieces I love at Scream Editions' pop-up art nook

A few weeks ago, I was keen beaning it over Scream Editions, which is the online offshoot of legendary Eastcastle Street gallery, Scream. The whole ethos of Scream Editions is to provide prints of artworks at more affordable prices, so you can see why I'm a fan. And lucky for me, they've just opened this:

Londoners need to make the hop skip and jump over to Carnaby Street for their pop up gallery - it's well worth it. For such a little space, they've gone to town! Check it out:

I love these pieces so much. They're so obvious, so brash and so in your face it's almost comforting to be told to 'shut up for a bit' by an artwork. And Magda Archer's Toffs Love Dogs piece just belongs in my house.

I love dogs. And I've been told I can be a bit of a toff.

The pop up gallery has lots of awesome activities going on this month, but hurry - doors shut for good on April 18th and Scream returns to being a purely digital gallery.

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