Vivien Zhang's little world of controlled chaos

I am the world's most neglectful blogger.

But I'm back from my Asian galavants now and have a little treat for you; a treat in the form of Vivien Zhang.

I first discovered her when she exhibited in the gallery in my office (yes, my new office has a gallery. This is freaking awesome). Her little purple painting caught my eye in the Griffin Gallery:

Order, Oscillation and Pretence Gesture (Purple), Vivien Zhang

Isn't it pretty? I like how there is a lot of suggested movement with the yellow brushstrokes in amongst the order of the pattern. It's like a controlled form of chaos.  I've had a gander at the works she has produced this year and she's taking it one step further:

Twofold, Vivien Zhang

Lavly. And do you know what? She's a nineties baby. I always took comfort in the fact that artists had reached such creative maturity because they are so much older than me, but NO. Artists are my age now. I officially have no more excuses.


  1. I absolutely LOOOOVE this! Espec the first image. V swish

  2. Thanks, her paintings are particularly lovely! x


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