Jacky Tsai at Scream – or an excuse for me to lament my hungover Friday morning

Why is gin called Mother’s Ruin? After last night’s antics I think it’s time we renamed it Young-Professionals-With-No-Self-Control-Especially-Not-On-Thirsty-Thursday’s Ruin. There we go D1 London Gin, that one’s on the house. My partner in crime and I look forward to trying the cocktail you name after us.
As with most after work activities, our intentions were innocent, pure and good. Lee Lee and I were going to meet at Oxford Circus, make a hop skip and a jump over to Eastcastle Street, soak up the arty output of Alexander McQueen designer Jacky Tsai, and head home for a full night’s sleep before our respective early Friday mornings (mine, this week, involved a 5am start. Ouch. Doesn’t the world know that this homegirl needs her beauty sleep?).

In reality, we swanned in and out of Scream after bumping into someone I HOPED I WOULD NEVER MEET IRL, made swift tracks to the nearest dive, and collectively drowned my sorrows in gin that was sadly inferior to the kind we had been given by the kind folks at Scream and D1. There were some businessmen from Atlanta who kindly replaced the packet of cigarettes I lost, there was much legal advice divulged (Lee Lee is short for Legal Extraordinaire And All Round Fabulous Independent Woman), and there was STOUT bought for us by some media types of the Fitzrovia area. STOUT. Who drinks that? Lee Lee, it emerged.

Anyway, before our evening of refinement and culture turned debauch, we had a super time nosing round Jacky Tsai’s latest skull-happy collection at Scream. You’ll probably know by now that I like my art like I like my men: loud, obnoxious, expensive and decked out in neon. Ok, that was a lie; I would probably be shit-terrified of the man who embodied my artistic tastes but I’m sure he would be at least captivating.
Again, I digress.

This is the kind of art I’m going to hang at the top of my double staircase in my marble entrance hall. Think Cher’s house in Clueless, but with far better taste and a lot more Jacky Tsai (the tartan ensembles can stay). He looks at the cultural exchange between Asia and the West, and in doing so revolutionises contemporary Chinese art by combining it with Western pop imagery, And the neon. Such neon.

The stylishly aware among you might better know Tsai’s contributions to Alexander McQueen, where he designed the now iconic floral skull.

He explores this further in his art, but never fully departs from his designer background. Everything is precise – there’s no freedom here. That’s something I associate with designers, traditionally.

See? All of that cultural fulfilment and then I went and gave myself the kind of hangover that could only be cured by an ice cold innocent smoothie, to try and restore innocence in ANY form after a phenomenal ‘fuck you’ to my self-assigned one-drink-limit.

In short, D1 London Gin: good. Jacky Tsai: good. Do both, and do them both now.

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