Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens - prettiest gallery ever

I recently found out what a real camera obscura is. When I first listened to the band by the same name, I googled its meaning and thought it was something to do with developing photographs in the dark, which I think is technically correct. But I thought it was a process, and didn't think it was a thing - until I rocked up to Tremenheere Scultpture Gardens.

The park has had lots of positive press. First of all it looks like a bloody paradise - honestly. Take a look:

Hashtag no filter.

It's hella purdy. Which leads me to its second reason for attention: can you believe all of this was built by one GP in his free time?!

Walking around the park, you notice little things like the steps that are made out of recycled train tracks, and rare flora. IspeakasifIknowanythingabouthorticulture. But it's the sculptures that I loved (ok, I guess that would be obvious). This inland just another Barbara Hepworth museum. The definition of 'sculpture' is a lot more fluid as it flows into installation, like this:

This place is just as much about sculpture as it is garden, and it's bloody delightful. On the day of my visit, it was quiet, almost deadly still and sunnier than I've seen in Cornwall this year. The flowers were moving ever so slightly. It's all this that made my first experience of a camera obscura so gobsmackingly gobsmacking. There was a little periscope poking out of what appeared to be the ground, so off we went to check it out. We noticed a doorway almost directly underneath it, and went inside. It seemed to be a small circular room in the total pitch black, with a random white circle-shaped table in the middle; but then we shut the door.

The periscope thing projected the image of the outdoors onto the table and it became the most beautiful, painterly reflection of a park I've ever seen (and I'm a big fan of the Impressionists). Look:

Like many things, it doesn't come across nearly as well in phone photography but imagine this, with the leaves moving in the wind ever so slightly, and every now ns again a fellow visitor walking by, unaware they're being watched. It wasn't as creepy as I'm making it sound, promise. 

Anyway, as much as I like the band, I think I have a new favourite camera obscura.

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens are open from Wednesday to Saturday, 10am-5pm and on Sunday it closes an hour earlier. Go, go, go (if only to have Cider Pink in the cafe!) 

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